The New Pentagon Papers? Bombshell Report Claims DoD Operating 60,000-Troop Strong Secret Army

The force allegedly engages in operations abroad and on US soil, and if its existence is confirmed, would violate numerous US laws, as well as the Geneva Conventions on the rules of armed conflict.

The US military is operating a 60,000-troop strong secret army without any Congressional oversight, spending at least $900 million on the programme annually, a bombshell report by Newsweek alleges, citing the results of a two-year investigation.

The magazine’s report, said to be based on dozens of Freedom of Information Act requests, the analysis of 1,600 resumes and job postings, and interviews with several persons involved, suggests that this secret army carries out operations across the United States and abroad, both online and offline, and that its tasks include defeating increasingly complex technologies.

Over half of the force is said to consist of special operations troops operating in countries across the globe, including Pakistan, Yemen, nations in West Africa, and even North Korea and Iran. Intelligence specialists engaged in the collection of information, counter-intelligence, and linguists are reportedly its second-largest contingent. Other personnel make up a cyber army engaged in cyberwarfare and intelligence collection, and are even reportedly working to manipulate social media – an illegal practice the United States has repeatedly accused countries like Russia, China, and Iran of engaging in.

The programme is said to be known as “signature reduction,” and…

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