Israel Lobbyist Claims US Return to Iran Nuclear Deal Would Escalate Israel-Hamas Conflict

Middle East

The Israeli military and Hamas militants in the besieged Gaza enclave have engaged in the worst round of fighting since the 2014 Gaza War this week amid broader tensions escalating into violence between Jews and Palestinians in israel and the West Bank over a number of Palestinian grievances.

US negotiations to return to the Iran nuclear deal may wind up exacerbating the violence between israel and Gaza, Jonathan Schanzer, senior vice president for research at the Foundation for Defence of Democracies – a Washington-based think tank engaged in lobbying for the Israeli government, has suggested.

The lobbyist went on to accuse Iran of providing the Gaza militant group with rockets, “rocket training,” parts, and funding.

The lobbyist suggested that his “sense right now out of Washington is that we will see silence for probably at least another few days allowing the Israelis to neutralize Hamas further, weaken them further, so that we don’t have another conflict like this in another few years. Because invariably, these conflicts continue to erupt.”

The Biden administration has been working to return the United States to the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement, with Washington and Tehran involved in a standoff over which party must return to compliance first. Earlier this month, the parties reportedly made a major breakthrough after US negotiators in Vienna agreed to the lifting of crushing sanctions against…

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