Stunning Video Reportedly Taken on US Navy Ship Shows ‘UFO’ Descend Into Pacific Ocean


Previously, materials reportedly from a briefing prepared by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) and cited by Mystery Wire showed several US Navy destroyers off the southern California coast had encountered unknown ‘aerial intruders’, with ship logs ostensibly confirming the ‘objects’ had been seen by crews aboard multiple vessels.

Fascinating new images allegedly showing US Naval personnel’s close encounter with a so-called Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) taken on board the littoral combat ship USS Omaha have been released by investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell.

The footage that captures what has been described as a spherical transmedium vehicle (able to travel through both air and water) moving, hovering, and vanishing into the Pacific Ocean was shared by Corbell on Friday with Mystery Wire.

The image of the six-foot (2 metre) in diameter sphere, said to have travelled alongside the USS Omaha for about an hour, was obtained with a FLIR camera that can sense and show heat signatures.

The video was reportedly filmed inside the Omaha’s command centre just before 11 p.m. on 15 July 2019 as it sailed off the coast of San Diego, with two unidentified crew members heard saying, “Wow, it splashed,” once the object had performed what seemed to be a controlled descent into the ocean.

​According to audio in the footage, the Omaha launched an immediate search, but once the sphere had dropped from the screen, it also…

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