Iran’s Military Chief Says Coalition Needed to ‘Resolve Palestinian Issue’ Amid Raging Violence

Middle East

Decades of tensions between Jews and Arabs over Jerusalem erupted into mass violence across israel and spread to Gaza this week over Israeli authorities’ decision to bar Muslims from visiting a key holy site during Ramadan. Iran, which does not recognise Israel’s right to exist, has expressed support for forces fighting Tel Aviv.

A broad, “strategic,” and unified coalition is necessary to address the current crisis in Israel, Maj. Gen Hossein Baqeri, chief of staff of the Iranian armed forces, has said.

Blasting israel for its “atrocities” in Jerusalem and the occupied territories, the commander suggested that “the criminal actions of the evil Zionist regime” have only intensified Palestinian resistance and fortitude ahead of the expected “final victory” of their cause.

Suggesting that the regional balance of power had shifted in favour of the Palestinian cause amid a “flourishing discourse of resistance” and their capabilities to carry out “continuous missile strikes,” the commander warned Israel and its supporters, “especially the Great Satan of the American terrorist regime,” that an “Islamic Resistance Front” had “paved the way for the liberation of Palestine and Jerusalem.” These forces’ “holy wrath” would “eventually turn the life and evil presence of these usurping criminals into ashes,” he suggested.

Baqeri’s comments come amid a spate of violence…

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