Alan Dershowitz Lashes Out at Bernie Sanders, Calls Him a ‘Self-Hating Jew’ Over Israel Comments


The ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, the worst in years, was triggered by court rulings to evict Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of East Jerusalem and banning Palestinians from visiting holy sites during Ramadan.

American lawyer Alan Dershowitz has lashed out at Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, calling him “a self-hating Jew” and “the great villain” after the latter wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times commenting on the current Israel-Gaza conflict. Dershowitz was speaking as a guest on the Chris Salcedo Show on Newsmax TV on Friday.

He said Sanders “is willing to see israel be defeated militarily by a terrorist group because he’s on the hard left.”

Sanders’ opinion piece was published in the New York Times on Friday – the senator wrote that “the United States should be urging an immediate cease-fire,” and that the new administration “must recognise that israel has the absolute right to live in peace and security, but so do the Palestinians.”

“The great villain of this piece is Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is basically encouraging Hamas to continue what it’s doing. And the squad, and the New York Times,” Dershowitz said.

Speaking about Israeli actress Gal Gadot receiving negative responses to her post on social media calling for peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the lawyer complained about “what the internet allows us.”

Dershowitz then targeted…

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