Synagogue Goes Up in Smoke in Epicenter of Jewish-Arab Violence Inside Israel – Video

Israel and Gaza descended into the worst violence in years this week after a month of Palestinian protests-turned violent over the government’s move to restrict their ability to visit holy sites in Jerusalem for Ramadan, the delay of Palestinian Authority elections, and court rulings to evict Palestinian families from Jerusalem’s east.

A synagogue in the central Israeli city of Lod has been torched amid the spate of Jewish-Arab violence which has befallen much of the country.

Earlier Friday, Israeli border police reported that they had arrested 43 people overnight for disturbing order in Lod – which was put into a state of emergency this week amid violent clashes between Jewish and Palestinian Israelis. Most of the arrested were Arab Israelis, police said.

Israeli media say Thursday’s violence included rock attacks and fire bombings against security forces, as well as multiple shooting and arson attacks against synagogues and other public buildings, and street altercations.

Police said in a statement that they would remain deployed in Lod over the weekend in a bid to “return order.”

The Netanyahu government used its emergency powers for the first time since 1966 and the end of Israeli military administration over its Arab minority communities to declare a state of emergency in Lod on Tuesday following a meeting of top security and legal officials. Local security was beefed up using battalions of border police ordinarily assigned to the West Bank territories,…

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