Gaza Operation Won’t Benefit Israeli Politicians or Make Netanyahu Stronger, Ex-IDF Colonel Warns

The IDF says it has struck more than 600 Hamas targets so far. The hostilities that kicked off on Monday have already claimed the lives of 7 Israelis and 70 Palestinians.

As the Israel-Hamas confrontation enters its fourth day, the Islamic group that controls the Gaza Strip continues to promise that attacks on the Jewish state will continue as long as israel doesn’t take its hands off Jerusalem.

The disputed city has seen tensions rising over the past couple of weeks after israel decided to limit the amount of worshippers on the Temple Mount, a plateau that houses the Al-Aqsa Mosque, holy for Muslims.

Israel wanted to avoid a situation where large crowds of mostly unvaccinated individuals would gather, but the Palestinians interpreted the move as a violation of their basic rights, the right to worship.

Jerusalem Isn’t the Only Goal

Eran Lerman, a retired colonel, who held various senior positions within the IDF’s military intelligence, says Hamas’ goals are not only about Jerusalem.

Relations between Fatah and Hamas, the two main Palestinian factions, fissured following President Mahmoud Abbas’decision to cancel legislative elections set for 22 May.

Abbas claimed the decision to call off the much-anticipated vote stemmed from Israel’s reluctance to let East Jerusalem residents participate in the elections. Hamas was certain the move was orchestrated to prevent the group from obtaining a leading position in the West Bank, currently run by Abbas’ Fatah.

In recent months,…

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