‘We Hear Explosions All The Time’: Gaza Resident Fears Bloodbath if Hamas-Israel Fighting Rages On

So far, five Israelis have been killed and dozens have been injured in missile attacks launched from the Gaza Strip. On the Palestinian side, at least 30 people have lost their lives, while more than 200 have been wounded in the violence.

Israel witnessed another tense night, as the Jewish state and militants from the Gaza Strip continue to exchange fire.

According to Hamas, an Islamic group that controls the Palestinian enclave, at least 110 rockets were fired on Tel Aviv and its neighbouring environs Tuesday night, killing two Israeli civilians and pushing the total number of casualties on the Israeli side to five people. The city’s municipality opened its bomb shelters, where many residents found refuge anticipating the worst.

Night of Fear and Frustration 

But they are not alone. On the other side of the fence, in Gaza, residents are worried too, and following the developments with fear and frustration.

During the early hours of Wednesday, the IDF continued its strikes against Hamas military targets, including tunnels, buildings, towers, and underground facilities. As a result, some 500 sites have been damaged or destroyed.

Palestinian sources say at least 32 people have been killed so far. More than 200 have been wounded in the escalating violence.

Ayda Saleem, a Gaza resident, says the past couple of days have been exceptionally difficult for her, as she witnessed a lot of damage and destruction.

Saleem’s frustration is understandable. Previous confrontations with…

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