Hamas Says Several Top Military Commanders Have Been Killed in Israeli Strikes

Middle East

At least 53 Palestinians and six Israelis have been killed in what experts describe as being the worst violence in years. The conflict broke out following weeks of tensions between Palestinians and Israeli forces. The UN Middle East peace envoy has called on both sides to end the fighting, warning it may lead to a full-scale war.

Hamas said several of its top military commanders were killed in Israeli strikes on Wednesday. The militant group, which controls Gaza, said that among the dead was its military chief, Bassem Issa.

Israel’s Shin Bet security agency said the country’s rocket strikes had also eliminated Jumaa Tahle, head of Hamas’ cyber command, who also worked on improving the accuracy of the group’s rockets, and head of research and munitions Jamal Zibde and Hazem Hatib, the group’s chief production engineer.

A dozen Hamas militants, including from the research and development branch were also killed during the rocket strikes, which destroyed their facility too, Shin Bet said.

Hamas has not commented on the news.

Commenting on the news, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he had warned the Palestinian militants that their lives were at risk after the conflict between the two sides intensified.

Earlier today, Netanyahu declared a state of emergency in the city of Lod after it was rocked by protests, with Palestinian demonstrators setting cars on fire, burning shops, and damaging…

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