US Officials Claim Russian Intelligence Service Behind ‘Energy Attacks’ on Personnel – Report



The allegations of unknown perpetrators carrying out directed-energy attacks against US personnel date back to 2016, following reports of unexplained headaches, nausea, ear ringing, vertigo, and ostensibly brain injuries among US government officials at the embassy in Cuba.

US officials believe a Russian military intelligence agency is behind suspected “directed-energy attacks” that are causing still-unexplained health problems among US government staff around the world, Politico reported on Monday, citing undisclosed officials.

Citing a congressional official, the outlet reports officials involved in the investigation have told lawmakers that their probe has been expanded to cover all 18 US federal intelligence agencies, and that it is based on the GRU’s possible involvement.

At the moment, investigators do not know what caused these events or if they are the result of an international attack, according to Politico’s sources.

An unidentified source from within the White House also informed Politico that there are areas of “active inquiry,” and that the National Security Council is collaborating with other agencies to investigate the “unexplained health incidents.”

Moreover, Politico reported that CIA Director William Burns is deepening his involvement in the investigation, and is now getting regular updates on its progress. He also reportedly designated a senior officer to oversee the inquiry.

In late April,…

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