Head of US ‘SWAT Team of Nerds’ Steps Down After Mysterious IP Address Decision

The head of the Defense Digital Service (dubbed “SWAT Team of Nerds” by its own members) has succeeded in expanding the scope of his department’s operations beyond simply solving IT problems for the Pentagon. However, this required him to cut through a tangle of red tape put in place by the department’s bureaucracy.

The chief of the Pentagon’s Defense Digital Service (DDS), Brett Goldstein, said in an interview with Politico that he will be stepping down in July 2021 after two years in his post.

Goldstein’s term expires this year, but it is not unheard-of for the DDS chief’s contract to be extended. However, for reasons unknown, Goldstein’s contract has not been prolonged despite his achievements in the post. His replacement has also not been announced so far, but his deputy, Katie Olson, who focused on the counter-drone operations and assembling the Department of Defense’s collection of pathology specimens, will serve as acting chief.

Goldstein’s Achievements on Post

Under Goldstein, the DDS more than doubled its “SWAT team of nerds” – an unofficial name for the unit – and took on a number of new roles, including helping the military in the fight against COVID-19. What started as the unit to solve the Pentagon’s IT problems, expanded to become a laboratory for inventing new ways to defend the military in cyberspace and from digital attacks on the battlefield, as well as protect the American coronavirus research from hackers and theft.

However, Goldstein wasn’t…

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