US European Allies Reportedly Struggling to Pace Themselves, Urge Washington to Slow Afghan Drawdown

The American troop drawdown from Afghanistan was proceeding according to plan, according to an earlier press statement by Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, after US and NATO ground forces began to withdraw from the Islamic republic on 1 May, in line with an announcement made by President Joe Biden on 14 April.

As American officials suggest that the US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is proceeding according to plan and could be completed by as early as 4 July, the swift drawdown has reportedly triggered concerns among some of Washington’s European allies.

The NATO allies are said to be urging the US to delay the process to allow for more time required for a spate of coordination and support issues, according to Washington officials cited by The Wall Street Journal.

Thus, Germany, which has about 1,100 Bundeswehr troops stationed in Afghanistan as part of a contingent that is the largest foreign force in the country besides that of the United States, sought a delay until 18 July, reported the outlet.

Washington has ostensibly conceded that the troop departure could be delayed by two weeks or longer to accommodate the allies’ requests.

US President Joe Biden announced on 14 April that troops would exit the Islamic republic completely by 11 September – the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. However, military officials are cited as saying they could complete the withdrawal by the summer.

The exit will miss a 1 May deadline that the previous Donald Trump…

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