‘Hysterical French Over-Reaction’ Slammed by Ex-Admiral Amid UK-France Fishing Rights Spat

In an escalating maritime row, over 60 small Normandy vessels massed off the Channel Island of jersey on Thursday after French fishermen complained of difficulty in obtaining licenses to operate, required for the first time last week under new post-Brexit fishing agreements, prompting the US and france to send Navy patrol vessels to the area.

A retired has weighed in on the row between Britain and france over fishing rights around the Channel Islands post-Brexit.

French threats to blockade the harbor at St Helier and even cut off the self-governing British Crown Dependency’s electricity supply were slammed by Admiral Lord West, baron of Spithead, as “childish, irrational, petulant and dangerous” in an article for the Daily Mail.

The former First Sea Lord deplored the “militant behavior” of the French side in British territorial waters as something hailing back to the 19th century and the Napoleonic era.

Lord West, who was security minister during Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s administration, voiced his amazement over what he described as a “hysterical French over-reaction to a dispute over delays to paperwork for fishing licences.

Tensions had flared after France accused jersey of restricting licences for small boats to operate within 12 miles of its shores, in a breach of the Brexit agreement, the simmering fishing rights row escalated.

As around 60 French fishing boats were revealed to be planning to sail to Jersey’s main port early on 6 May, Prime…

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