Ex-Deputy Head of IDF’s Intelligence: Situation in Jerusalem is Explosive But Chaos is Controllable

The recent weeks have seen provocations by both Jews and Arabs. The Israeli police are struggling to keep the flames low and a former Israeli army officer warns it takes only one wrong action for the situation to spiral out of control.

Jerusalem, a city which has gotten used to seeing tension and conflicts, has witnessed another surge of violent incidents in the past couple of weeks.

Mobs of young Arabs have been seen attacking Jewish civilians in the East of the city, as well as filming and then uploading videos of the assaults on social media networks. Some were caught on camera bashing cars, others were spotted attacking policemen.

Nothing Surprising 

For many Israelis, these and other similar incidents came out of the blue, but for Miri Eisin, a former deputy head of combat intelligence corps at the IDF, the events of the past weeks were hardly surprising, and she says they stemmed from a combination of factors.

The first is the month of Ramadan and the tradition of Muslims to attend mass prayers at the Temple Mount, a holy site that houses the Al Aqsa mosque.

Typically, Israel, which controls access to the area and grants permits, eases restrictions to those who want to visit the holy site.

This time, however, that access was limited primarily because of the coronavirus and attempts of the Israeli authorities to prevent mass gatherings that could potentially put the health of the public at risk.

But anger is also there for a different reason. The Palestinians’…

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