US Troop Pullout to Help Stability in Afghanistan, Ex-Diplomat Says

Afghanistan will still face dozens of terror organisations and a number of internal problems, but the US withdrawal will also present a “wonderful opportunity” for the Afghan people simply because it will push them to sit down for talks and bridge their gaps.

At the beginning of May, the US started its final phase of a pullout from Afghanistan, where American troops have been stationed for the past 20 years. According to reports, the 2,500 US troops will be gone from the war-torn country by September 2021, a move that has already raised major concerns.

The main fear is that terrorists will take over and this will eventually cause Afghanistan to fall into a state of collapse.

But Mariam Wardak, a former aide to Afghanistan’s national security adviser, believes the pullout will not lead her country into an abyss.

Withdrawal as a Challenge

Nevertheless, that withdrawal will not go unnoticed. Right now, the Afghan security forces are handling 22 active terror groups, including al-Qaeda* and Daesh*.

They are also facing the threat of the Taliban, an extremist organisation that controlled Afghanistan in the 1990s and that enforced strict Islamic law or Sharia. Their current strength is estimated at 200,000 troops and while the Afghan security forces boast a much larger contingent (325,000), their ability to cope with the group is rather limited.

The prime reason for this is Afghanistan’s security forces are in charge of not only fighting with the insurgents but are also…

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