Former US Senator Claims He Heard Lockheed Martin Was Working With Alleged UFO Debris


The Pentagon earlier confirmed the authenticity of the “tic-tac UFO” video that was recorded by US pilots in 2004. The US military also confirmed that a dedicated unit existed to study UFO sightings and possible threats, but did not delve into details of its findings.

Former US Senator Harry Reid has stated in an interview with The New Yorker that during his work in Congress he repeatedly heard about US defence industry giant Lockheed Martin purportedly acquiring the debris of a crashed UFO and studying it extensively in conditions of extreme secrecy. He noted, however, that he has never seen himself any proof to support these allegations.

The ex-Senator said that the Pentagon never provided a reason for denying his request, nor did it give Reid a higher clearance to get access to more classified materials.

Reid’s comments come as a development of his earlier statements in July 2020 for an article in The New York Times by Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean. The article originally claimed that the senator believed that certain US aerospace companies obtained the remnants of a crashed UFO to study in secret under government contracts, but the story was later corrected to say that Reid believed that a UFO might have crashed and that its remains should be studied by the US.

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