Mayor of Paris District Agrees With Generals Threatening to Seize Control Amid ‘Civil War’ Danger


A group of over 1,200 French generals, officers, service members and police personnel signed an open letter to the French government last week urging it to act against radical ideologies and religious extremism to prevent a civil war and the disintegration of the Fifth Republic. The letter has sparked a major debate throughout france.

Rachida Dati, mayor of the 7th arrondissement (district) of Paris, has expressed her agreement with the recent letter to the government by current and former members of the military and other security services about the dangers of violence and civil conflict caused France-hating ideologies, Islamism and “suburban hordes”.

“What is written in this letter is a reality,” Dati said, speaking to france Info on Thursday.

Recalling last week’s stabbing murder of a policewoman by a Tunisian Islamist outside Paris and warning that the country’s police officers “have become a target for terrorists”, Dati expressed concerns that “the police will break down one day”, and stressed that if they “crack”, “we will go well beyond the disintegration of society”.

Dati served as a spokesperson to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy and is a member of France’s liberal-conservative Les Republicains Party. Along with her job as mayor of the 7th arrondissement, she has served as a member of the European Parliament, where she took part in the drafting of reports on…

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