Top 3 Best K-dramas About Time Traveling and Parallel Universes to Watch

Traveling through time and historic events is a common theme of TV series all around the world, as the audience can have a quick glance at events that happened in the past while spicing it with some fantasy notes, giving the vibe of magic that every one of us needs sometimes.

South Korean TV series or as they are commonly known among fans – k-dramas – are no exception, as screenwriters there are intrigued by the world of fantasy just like their colleagues everywhere else.

So, here is a list of Korean dramas worth watching on this theme:

  • The King: Eternal Monarch

The first K-drama, starring the King of Hallyu wave Lee Min-ho, who shot the film right after being discharged from the military, tells a story about two parallel worlds, where not only the Republic of Korea exists, but also the Kingdom of Corea. And Emperor Lee Gon (Lee Min-ho) manages to find the door between the two alternative realities and gets into the modern Republic of Korea. He meets detective Jung Tae-eul, played by popular actress Kim Go-eun, and recognizes her as the person whose ID card he found in his childhood, when the previous emperor, his father, was slaughtered by Lee Gon’s half-uncle, Lee Lim. The criminal found his way to a parallel world and was hiding from justice by switching between them for a long time, creating a network of intrigues in order to capture Lee Gon’s throne. Now the young emperor needs to stop the uncle and find out what role Kim Go-eun’s character plays in this…

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