Tucker Carlson Offers ‘Pretty Simple’ Way to Stop Guatemalan Migrants From Entering US


Earlier this month, the US reached deals with Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala stipulating that these countries should use troops in order to stem the tide of migration.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has shared his thoughts on how the issue of Guatemalan migrants entering the US can be resolved.

Appearing on his programme “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday and apparently referring to the country’s president, the 51-year-old anchor said that “so if you’re going to deal with the governor of Guatemala, wouldn’t it be pretty simple?” It’s worthwhile to note that Guatemala is led by a president rather than a governor.

Carlson remarks followed Tyler Moran, special assistant to the president for immigration for the Domestic Policy Council, telling the news outlet MSNBC earlier in April that the Biden administration had reached agreements with Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala to help quell the influx on the US-Mexico border.

According to Moran, the Latin American countries have been asked to use troops to beef up security on their own borders to cut the number of US-bound immigrants.

US Migration Crisis

This comes amid heavy criticism of the Biden administration by Republicans over the former’s handling of the situation on the US-Mexico border, with the White House repeatedly calling the issue a “vital human challenge” instead of a “migration crisis”.

US Customs and Border Protection caught over 100,000 would-be migrants at the border in February, and…

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