French Defence Minister Slams Marine Le Pen for Hailing Retired Soldiers’ Anti-Islamism Drive


In an open letter to President Emmanuel Macron late last week, former French military personnel urged him to act against the looming dangers of religious extremism in france in order to avoid a civil war scenario in the future.

French Defence Minister Florence Parly has slammed Marine Le Pen, head of the French political party National Rally, for her readiness to support hundreds of the country’s retired soldiers’ drive to tackle an alleged threat of civil war.

She argued that Le Pen’s remrks “reflect a serious misunderstanding of the military institution”, which is “worrying for anyone who wants to become head of the Armed Forces”, an apparent nod to that if Le Pen wins next year’s presidential election in France, she will be at the helm of the country’s military. Four years ago, Le Pen decisively lost to Macron in the second round of elections.

Parly also asserted that “the politicisation of the Armed Forces suggested by Madame Le Pen would weaken our military capability and therefore France”, adding, “the military are not there to campaign, but to defend france and protect the French”.

Her remarks followed the National Rally head stressing that “as a citizen and as a politician”, she subscribes to the letter’s analysis and shares the former soldiers’ “grief”.

Letter to Macron From Retired French Soldiers

She spoke after the magazine Current Values last week published an open letter to President Emmanuel Macron written by retired French…

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