As Netanyahu Struggles to Form a Government, Supporter Says PM Has ‘No Choice’ But to Include Arabs

In 2020, only ten percent of Israel’s conservatives were prepared to see a coalition forged with Arab parties. Today, 34 percent back the idea. A Likud voter says that for him, seeing such a coalition is better than the opposition coming to power.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has lost control of the Knesset. On Monday his opponents succeeded in passing a proposal to gain control over the Knesset Arrangements Committee, which is running parliament until a government is formed.

This was made possible thanks to the support of Raam, an Islamic party that Netanyahu was counting on for the creation of his coalition. But despite their U-turn on Netanyahu, the PM still hopes to forge alliances that will keep him in office. 

With only two weeks left until his mandate to form a coalition expires, the Israeli PM is still exploring a route in which Raam could forge ties to his government. 

But his attempts to do so are not being taken lightly by some members of his potential coalition. Batzalel Smotrich, who heads the Religious Zionist Party, has become one of the main voices that oppose the collaboration with Raam; he slams its members as terrorist supporters.

Smotrich is not the only one. His objections sit well with many conservative voters, who don’t want to see Netanyahu forming a government with Abbas.

Arabs As Legitimate Partners?

But for many others, including those, who have voted for the PM, Netanyahu’s attempt to engage an Islamic party is totally…

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