Resident of Southern Israel ‘Boiling With Anger’ Over Govt’s Inability to Tackle Gaza Terror

Over the weekend, two rockets were fired at Israel’s southern communities and although the Jewish state did respond by attacking sites belonging to militants in the Gaza Strip, residents feel frustrated that their pleas for security continue to fall on deaf ears.

After months of cancellations and postponed meetings, Israel’s security cabinet finally met on Sunday.

The reason for that meeting was simple. In recent days, it was announced that Iran had started enriching uranium to 60 percent, its highest level ever, something that could potentially pave the way for their nuclear independence and something that israel is trying to prevent.

The US has also given israel reason to worry. As Washington continues its indirect talks with Tehran in Vienna, the general feeling in Tel Aviv is that a deal between the Islamic Republic and the Americans is only a matter of several weeks.

Boiling With Anger

Bar-Ilan, a native of Kfar Gaza located only five kilometres east of Gaza, is following these developments closely and says she is “boiling with anger”.

“For the past few days, the red alert siren has been going on and off”, she said referring to the launches that were intercepted during the weekend. 

The first rockets hit Israel’s southern communities in 2001, when the Jewish state was still in control over the Palestinian enclave. 

Six years later, after Hamas militants seized control over the Gaza Strip, the situation only escalated and the country’s southern communities have…

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