‘India Should Be Happy With What Has Been Achieved’: China ‘Refuses to Vacate Disputed Ladakh Areas’


The ongoing process of troop disengagement between the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the Indian Army in eastern Ladakh, the site of a nearly year-long border standoff, reportedly hit a roadblock after Beijing refused to withdraw its troops from two disputed areas at the 11th round of military-commander meeting on 9 April.

China has refused to pull its troops from at least two locations, Hot Springs and Gogra Post, in the ongoing Ladakh border dispute with India, a report in the Indian weekly Sunday Express said on Sunday.

The report, citing Indian negotiators, said the Chinese officials quipped that “India should be happy with what has been achieved” so far, as they referred to the disengagement between the two militaries along the northern and southern banks of Pangong Tso as well as the Kailash Ranges, two other areas where the armies of the two nuclear-armed neighbours have been engaged in a face-off since last year.

According to the Sunday Express, Beijing expressed its inability to vacate Hot Springs (Patrolling Point 15) and Gogra Post (Patrolling Point 17A), the other disputed areas at the most recent military commander-level meeting on 9 April.

The Indian negotiators say that Beijing had previously agreed to withdraw the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) from these two areas as well, only to backtrack on its commitment later.

Eleven rounds of military commander-level talks between the two countries since May of last year have led to…

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