GOP Senator Alleges ‘Taliban Bounties’ Report Was ‘Selectively Leaked’ to Harm Trump, Boost Biden


The Biden administration earlier admitted that the US intelligence community had only “low to moderate” confidence in the report about the alleged bounties Russia purportedly paid to the Taliban* for killing American soldiers. The bombshell report was used by Democrats and Biden in 2020 to discredit then-POTUS Trump.

Republican Senator from Arkansas Tom Cotton has alleged that someone “selectively leaked” the classified report about the so-called “Taliban* bounties” to the media in 2020 in order to help Joe Biden get elected. Cotton suggested that it could have been someone in the government who “didn’t like then-POTUS Donald Trump”.

The senator further said the government must undertake additional efforts to prevent such leaks in the future, calling them a “very dangerous thing to get into”. He namely suggested tightening the law to make sure a person leaking a classified document is punished. Cotton stressed, however, that the government should ease its classification requirements, arguing that currently the US has an “over-classification problem”.

Joe Biden Apology Needed

In his interview with Fox News, Senator Cotton also called on President Joe Biden and other Democrats to issue an apology to ex-President Donald Trump for relentlessly attacking him for not confronting Russia in light of the bombshell “Taliban bounties” report. While Trump downplayed the reliability of the report about Russia allegedly paying the radical wing of the organisation…

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