White House Refrains From Apologising to Trump Despite Backtracking on Taliban Bounties Story


The leaked report about Russia allegedly paying the terrorist organisation to kill US soldiers became one of the main angles of attack for the Democrats in 2020, who claimed that the Trump administration’s lack of action on the matter was nothing short of “treason.”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has confirmed an earlier report by the Daily Beast that the US intelligence community only has “low to moderate confidence” in claims about the alleged Russian Taliban bounties.

However, the current administration has stopped short of apologising to ex-POTUS Donald Trump for Joe Biden attacking him over the matter and accusing him of “treason” during the 2020 presidential race.

She explained that the “low to moderate confidence” assessment was given because the information about the bounties relies on “detainee reporting.” Psaki also pointed to the “challenging operating environment in Afghanistan” that makes it difficult to confirm the story. She did, however, defend the Biden team’s earlier claim that the US intelligence community had “high confidence” in the assessment of alleged interactions between “Afghan criminal networks” and a unit of the Russian military intelligence (GRU).

The press secretary went even further by alleging that despite the “moderate” assessment of the bounties reports’ credibility, the information contained in them “really puts the burden on Russia and the Russian government to explain their engagement here.”


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