Putin Says No to Biden Summit; Supreme Court Packing; Taliban Offensive

Russian President Vladimir Putin has elected to pass on the offer of a face-to-face meeting with US President Joe Biden as the US, and NATO reportedly prepares another round of sanctions against his nation.

Alexander Mercouris, editor-in-chief at theduran.com & host of “The Duran” on Youtube, joins us to discuss relations between the US, Russia, and China. President Putin has responded to Joe Biden’s request for a summit by advising that he is not interested at this time. The request comes at a time when the US and NATO are reported to be preparing another package of sanctions against Russia. Also, the US has changed its plans to deploy two warships to the Black Sea after Russia strongly advised against such a move and a UK aircraft carrier is avoiding the Taiwan Straits.

Dr. Colin Campbell, Washington, DC, news correspondent, joins us to talk about Supreme Court-packing. There are several political operations underway in Washington pushing the concept of realigning the Supreme Court. While many call the Democrats’ proposals outrageous, much blame is pointed to former Senate leader Mitch McConnell for his political machinations, which held up Merrick Garland and fast-tracked GOP candidates.

Kathy Kelly, American peace activist, joins us to discuss Afghanistan. The Taliban are advising that they will launch a new offensive and make the war-torn nation a “nightmare” for US soldiers, after President Biden advised that he will blow past the May 1st agreement date for…

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