Sen. Graham Warns Biden ‘Paving the Way’ for New 9/11, ‘Extending War’ With Afghanistan Withdrawal

Democratic President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday that the US will begin withdrawing its 2,500 troops from Afghanistan on 1 May, hoping to be fully out by 11 September, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. In line with the move, NATO forces will leave Afghanistan on 1 May as well.

Sen. Lindsey Graham has warned that President Joe Biden’s commitment to fully withdraw American forces from Afghanistan by 11 September is “paving the way” for another 9/11.

​Graham, who joined the United States Air Force in 1982, and served on active duty until 1988, claimed that Biden’s decision is fraught with a further escalation of the civil war in Afghanistan, creating a volatile environment that may return groups like al Qaeda* and Daesh** to power.

The Republican Senator, who was recalled to active duty as a judge advocate during the 1990–91 Gulf War, and served in Afghanistan during the August 2009 Senate recess, pointed to the manifest example of developments that followed the total withdrawal of troops from Iraq in 2011.

Critics of that decision, taken under former President Barack Obama, say it facilitated the rise of Daesh.

Referencing the new report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, that offered a pessimistic assessment of peace prospects in Afghanistan, Graham added:

Afghanistan Withdrawal

Biden announced the decision to pull out US forces totalling about 2,500 from Afghanistan in a televised speech on Wednesday from the Treaty…

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