Biden Drops Afghan Mess to Target China, Russia

President Joe Biden’s administration is the sixth one to have presided over the 20-year US war in Afghanistan. And he is the fourth president to have overseen America’s “longest war”.

Two previous presidents, Obama and Trump, promised to end the “forever war” and both left office without fulfilling that aspiration.

So there is fair reason to view with skepticism Biden’s vow this week to withdraw all US troops from the Central Asian war-torn country – known as the “graveyard of empires” – by September.

Currently, there are 2,500 US troops in Afghanistan along with 9,600 other NATO soldiers. That’s a fraction of the numbers a decade ago when the war was at its height. Washington and its NATO allies agreed this week to all pull out residual forces by September in an “orderly” exit.

This delays an earlier withdrawal date – next month – that the Trump administration had negotiated with the Taliban enemy in a deal struck last year. The Taliban aren’t happy about the US missing the deadline and the delay might suggest America procrastinating on its eventual departure.

Nevertheless, the indication is Biden wants to wrap up the war by definitely pulling American boots out of Afghanistan. The main reason is less to do with Afghanistan and more to do with confronting China and Russia.

First of all, there is the hype about “job done”. Biden claimed this week that the US defeated the Al Qaeda terror group in Afghanistan and had eliminated its…

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