Survivor Tells Fishmongers’ Hall Inquest How Usman Khan Stabbed Her and ‘Tried to Finish Me Off’


On 29 November 2019 two people were stabbed to death and three were injured when a convicted terrorist ran amok in central London. Usman Khan was attending a prisoner rehabilitation workshop at Fishmongers’ Hall, near London Bridge.

A woman has told the Fishmongers’ Hall inquest how she was stabbed by Usman Khan moments after he inflicted fatal injuries on Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones.

Isobel Rowbotham, known as Izzy, was attending an event hosted by Learning Together, a prison rehabilitation charity linked to Cambridge University in November 2019 when Khan, 28, suddenly began attacking people with two kitchen knives which were strapped to his wrists with tape.

Ms Rowbotham said she first saw Jack Merritt entering the reception area, holding his stomach.

Ms Rowbotham said she then saw Khan coming towards her armed with two large kitchen knives.

She said “no” and tried to protect herself.

After Khan left Ms Rowbotham was taken to hospital but survived her injuries, as did another woman, Stephanie Szczotko.

Earlier Ama Otchere, the housekeeping supervisor at Fishmongers’ Hall, told the inquest how she narrowly avoided being attacked by Khan as he emerged from the men’s toilets after stabbing Mr Merritt.

Ms Otchere said she backed away from Khan as he held up the knives and recited from the Koran in Arabic.

She said as she backed away towards the cloakroom he suddenly lurched towards Saskia Jones and…

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