US Reportedly Secures Deals With Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala to Use Troops to Stem Migration Tide


The Biden administration has taken heavy flak over its handling of the ongoing crisis on the US-Mexico border, with a wave of would-be migrants making their way for America in the aftermath of the president’s steps to repeal many of his predecessor’s hardline immigration and border control policies.

The Biden administration has reached agreements with Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala to help quell the influx on the US-Mexico border, Tyler Moran, special assistant to the president for immigration for the Domestic Policy Council, has told MSNBC.

According to the official, the Latin American countries have been asked to use troops to beef up security on their own borders to cut the number of US-bound immigrants.

Moran also indicated that the administration is working on a two-pronged approach to the border situation, with Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris said to be developing a “blueprint” that seeks to address “the reasons that people are coming from the region,” and seeking to improve the processing of unaccompanied minors who have made it into the country.

The Biden administration has received heavy criticism from both Republicans and the president’s own support base over its handling of the situation on the US-Mexico border, which the White House spent weeks calling a “vital human challenge” instead of a “crisis.”

Border Crisis Worsens

Republicans have accused the administration of…

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