Ex-IDF Intel Chief Accuses Netanyahu of Needlessly Stoking Tensions With Iran With Natanz Attack

Tehran has accused Tel Aviv of being behind the apparent sabotage attack on the Natanz nuclear fuel enrichment plant. israel has not formally commented on the matter one way or the other.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should not have had the authority to approve the sabotage attack against Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility, former Israeli Defence Force head of military intelligence Amos Yadlin has said.

According to the retired military officer, the Natanz attack served to carelessly stoke tensions with the Islamic Republic, without coordinating with Tel Aviv’s American allies, and without actually improving Israel’s national security situation.

“Over the years that I have participated in discussions…on the approval of Israeli actions in an enemy country, we have been faced with three main considerations: the expected achievement, the enemy’s response and the potential for escalation, as well as implications for Israel’s relations with its vital ally,” Yadlin explained.

“48 hours after the explosion at Natanz, it has become clear that the attack did not result in the end of Iran’s nuclear programme,” the former official continued, adding that in the wake of media reporting on Israeli involvement in the sabotage, including “irresponsible leaks” from inside Israel, Tel Aviv should brace for Iranian retaliation. He added, however, that this response would be “measured,” out of a desire on Tehran’s part to avoid further escalation.


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