Usman Khan Dropped Muslim Prayer Book As He Launched Murderous Attack With Knives Taped To His Hands


Convicted terrorist Usman Khan was attending a prisoner rehabilitation workshop near London Bridge on 29 November 2019 before fatally stabbing two people and injuring three others.

A convicted terrorist who had been freed from prison launched a murderous assault on two Cambridge University graduates after taping two knives to his wrists, an inquest has heard.

Usman Khan strapped the large kitchen knives to his hands with gaffer tape in a toilet cubicle at the Fishmongers’ Hall at the north end of London Bridge on 29 November 2019.

Detective Chief Inspector Dan Brown told an inquest Khan attacked Jack Merritt, 25, in the toilets during a break in the Learning Together workshop session.

​The jury was shown an image of the gents’ toilets, with blood on the floor and a copy of The Fortress of the Muslim, an Islamic prayer book, which Khan had dropped.

DCI Brown said Mr Merritt suffered 12 stab wounds but staggered into the reception area as Khan attacked a volunteer, Saskia Jones, 23, who was stabbed once through the neck.

Khan, 28, then stabbed Isabel Rowbotham and Stephanie Szczotko but both survived their injuries.

​He said Khan wanted to get out of the building but the door was locked so he held a knife to the chest of a security guard, forcing him to release the door lock.

Khan was followed and confronted by John Crilly and Steve Gallant, both former prisoners, and another man, Darryn Frost.

Mr Crilly…

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