From Microchip ‘Sensing’ COVID to Filter Sucking Virus from Blood: Pentagon Touts ‘Sci-Fi’ Solutions

Col. Matthew Hepburn, M.D., currently serving as Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Program Manager, believes that emerging technologies hold the key to effective solutions for preventing the next pandemic and ensuring that COVID-19 is the last such global health crisis.

Amid the global efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic with an unprecedented in scale vaccination roll-out, Pentagon scientists have been working on ambitious ‘sci-fi’-like methods they hope might make COVID-19 the last such deadly health crisis.

Joining CBS’s 60 Minutes on Sunday night, a team from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) that reports directly to senior Department of Defense management, opened up on some of their ingenious and what they term ‘revolutionary’ recent inventions.

Thus, a microchip to be inserted under the skin to detect COVID-19 infection in asymptomatic individuals was touted as a breakthrough achievement.

​Retired Colonel Matt Hepburn, formerly an army infectious disease physician with 23 years of active duty experience, who currently leads DARPA’s response to the pandemic, demonstrated a tissue-like gel, engineered to “continuously test your blood”.

The ex-Director of Medical Preparedness on the White House National Security Staff revealed that the scientists were originally inspired to elaborate a “check engine” method after the struggle to stem the coronavirus spread onboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt.


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