US Reportedly Warns Iran It Won’t Lift Every Single Trump Sanction to Restore JCPOA


Will the JCPOA finally emerge from oblivion under the new US administration, almost three years after former President Donald Trump universally withdrew from the Iran nuclear accord?

The Biden administration was warned that it won’t lift the economic restrictions that former President Donald Trump slapped on Iran, despite pressure from the latter to do so as the countries held indirect talks in Vienna about returning to the 2015 JCPOA deal, Politico reported citing a senior State Department official.

The US’ comments closely followed a tweet by Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, who said Iran would only comply with the deal again if all Trump-era sanctions were lifted.

The accord guarantees relief from economic restrictions on condition that Tehran verifiably curbs most of its nuclear programme, in light of the purported nuclear proliferation risks posed by the Islamic Republic.

Both sides have been trying to force each other into concessions of late, despite both indicating the wish to restore the pact.

“The question still remains about whether the seriousness of purpose and the intent of coming back into compliance that the US showed will be reciprocated by Iran,” the senior State Department official said in a conference call with reporters, as cited by Politico.

If the Biden team decides that Trump’s sanctions were legitimately imposed on other grounds, like supposedly backing of terrorism, for example, it won’t lift them, the…

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