‘Grave Mistake’: Biden’s Proposed Military Spending Dismays Democrats and Republicans Alike

In a newly released budget outline , President Joe Biden has proposed a $753 billion defence budget for 2022, including $715 billion to cover the Pentagon’s expenses.

In a budget proposal released online on Friday, President Joe Biden has proposed spending $753 billion on defence for the 2022 fiscal year, including $715 billion going directly to the Pentagon.

As a result, Biden finds himself in the crosshairs of politicians and lawmakers from both sides of the divide. 

The proposal, which envisages a $1.5-trillion budget for 2022, was greeted with scorn by Republicans and Democrats alike over its suggested funding for defence. 

Even figures from within his own party weighed in, arguing that such a whopping budget, which is higher than the Trump administration’s, would be a “a grave mistake.” They stated that Americans should be the top priority instead, given the still raging coronavirus pandemic.

“Increasing that budget now would be a grave mistake,” Senator from Massachusetts Ed Markey argued, fuming that the already “inflated Pentagon budget did nothing to protect” citizens from the most pressing social and economic woes.

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.), who was one of the authors of a letter to Biden earlier this year calling for him to “significantly” cut defence spending, called the proposed increases “unacceptable.”

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in turn demanded an investigation into “the waste and fraud that currently exists at the…

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