Testimony in Chauvin Trial; Russia-Ukraine Tensions; Global Minimum Tax

Tensions escalate in Ukraine amid accusations of buildups and ceasefire violations. What is the risk of a broader regional conflict?

Ron Hampton, DC Representative for Blacks in Law Enforcement of America and former Executive Director of the National Black Police Association, and Dr. Sharon Anderson, attorney, business consultant, and former law school professor and lecturer at Howard Law, join us to talk about the testimony of the Minneapolis Police Chief in the Derek Chauvin trial that directly points to his escalating the situation and arguments of the defense trying to poke holes in the Chief’s testimony, and how policing in general currently does not promote peaceful conflict resolution approaches. We also talk about how the Chauvin trial has sparked a series of proposed reforms in police departments nationally and how successful these could be.  

Bryan MacDonald, journalist specializing in Eastern Europe and Russia talks to us about growing tensions between Russia, Ukraine and the United States, with reports of Russian troops massing near eastern Ukraine amid a flurry of ceasefire violations, Ukraine approving a security policy to retake Crimea, and how the conflict is covered by western media, where Russia is always characterized as the aggressor. We also talk about US assurances of support for Ukraine, what kind of actual support would the US provide, and how this could play out if the crisis in the region worsens.

Jon Jeter, author, former Washington Post…

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