Shamima Begum Allegedly Seen at Refugee Camp ‘Bank’ Suspected of Handling Cash From Supporters

Shamima Begum, the teen who fled the UK at 15 to hitch up with a jihad soldier in Syria in 2015, was earlier pictured at the Syrian internment camp al-Roj after a complete makeover, having donned casual jeans and a hoodie instead of a full-length chador gown and black hijab.

Shamima Begum, the former London schoolgirl who left the UK at age 15 to travel to Syria to marry a jihad soldier has been pictured ostensibly queuing at a refugee camp ‘bank’, according to the Daily Mail.

The denaturalised British-born woman was spotted with a group of women gathered outside a possible “hawala”. An obscure window in a concrete wall was suggested by the outlet to be a discreet money exchange for women held in the camp.

​A woman contacted by the outlet’s reporter had pointed to the window, saying, “They give me 300 [dollars].”

When questioned further as to who had provided the money, she replied, “My family… in France.”

The so-called ‘bank’ was believed to be operating openly, with Kurdish guards unruffled by the crowd of women reportedly receiving payments.

The “hawala” transfer system allows family and supporters in the West to allegedly hand over money to a local agent. The latter is believed to subsequently contact a colleague in the Al-Roj camp in Northern Syria.

The ‘contact’ is the one who is believed to finally hand the money over to a woman living at the camp.

Money is ostensibly sent to women in the camps so they can pay people smugglers to free…

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