Former Danish Immigration Minister Suggests Religious Circumcision Ban Respectful of Jews

Inger Støjberg, formerly a Venstre party minister and presently an independent MP, referred to a promise made to Jews after World War II that they could live safely and follow their traditions in Denmark. She also emphasised the Jewish contribution and ventured its diaspora was far better integrated than the Muslim one.

Inger Støjberg, the former Danish minister for integration and immigration, has called for a circumcision ban for all boys over the age of eight days.

Writing in her Berlingske column, the maverick MP who left the liberal-conservative Venstre Party, explained that she had specifically chosen the eight-day ceiling because a traditional Jewish circumcision takes place on the eighth day of the boy’s life.

Muslims, on the other hand, tend to get circumcised much later, and Støjberg made no secret of the fact that she was consciously putting the needs of Denmark’s 6,000-strong Jewish diaspora before the Muslim one of 320,000 – partly due to a promise made to them after World War II that they could live safely here and follow their traditions and partly because the Jewish diaspora is better integrated, in her opinion.

“In other words, the Jews, in contrast to far too many Muslims in Denmark, have completely integrated into Danish society. They have never posed a danger either culturally or in terms of safety. They have never committed terror in the name of religion. They have never tried to force the rest of us to live by their principles. I have…

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