Chinese, US Navies Hold Dueling Carrier Drills in Seas Off China’s Coast

The US has stepped up its drills off China’s coast in recent years, holding multiple carrier drills as well as maintaining a constant daily presence with spy planes and patrol aircraft. Washington has presented itself as a mediator in an ongoing dispute between China and several other nations, although the US has no territory in the region.

The US and Chinese navies are both holding aircraft carrier drills in the waters off China’s coast as Washington postures as standing up to Beijing’s “aggression.”

Then on Monday, China’s Global Times reported that the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning had led a task force alongside the Type 055 cruiser Nanchang through the Miyako Strait and into the Philippine Sea before launching exercises east of Taiwan.

The two carrier strike groups are hundreds of miles apart, but the convergence of the two nations’ naval forces highlights the growing tension in the region as the US doubles down on its diplomatic and ideological offensive to portray China as a threat to the global order.

“When someone challenges this system, be it China or others – when they do not play by or respect the rules, or try to undermine the commitments made by others, we all have reason to object,” Blinken said, accusing Beijing of “undermining this order, violating human rights and other commitments.”

Under former US President Donald Trump, the US shifted its strategic focus away from the War on Terror and toward “great power competition”…

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