Quad navies participating in France-led exercise in eastern Indian Ocean region

Months after navies of the member nations of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, the Quad, participated in Malabar wargaming exercise in November, navies and aircraft of India, the US, Japan and Australia are participating in yet another exercise, along with the French military, in the eastern Indian Ocean region this week.

The La Pérouse exercise is taking place from April 5 to April 7 and is being led by the French Navy.

The Indian Navy said in a statement on Monday that “exercise La Pérouse will witness complex and advanced naval operations including surface warfare, anti-air warfare and air defence exercises, weapon firing exercises, cross deck flying operations, tactical manoeuvres and seamanship evolutions such as replenishment at sea” and will “showcase high levels of synergy, coordination and inter-operability between the friendly navies”.

The first edition of the La Pérouse joint exercise, initiated by france in 2019, included ships from Australia, Japan and the USA. The Embassy of france in India had said in a statement in March that ‘this year, for the first time, India is also joining this initiative for a large-scale five-country naval exercise that will provide an opportunity for these five like-minded, high-end naval forces to develop closer links, sharpen their skills, and promote maritime cooperation throughout a free and open Indo-Pacific”.

Indian Navy said in its statement that its participation in the exercise…

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