‘Not Going to Obey’: Jordan’s Prince Hamzah Says He Recorded Army Chief’s Threats & Sent Tape Abroad

Former Crown Prince Hamzah bin Hussein was placed under house arrest Saturday during a security sweep against forces Jordanian officials have since alleged were plotting to destabilise the country and depose the king. Hamzah has openly criticised the current government over alleged corruption, incompetence and a “breakdown of governance”.

Jordan’s embattled Prince Hamzah bin Hussein has released a new audio recording in which he promised to disobey orders from the security services not to communicate with the outside world.

“I don’t want to make moves and escalate now, but of course I’m not going to obey when they say ‘you can’t go out, you can’t tweet, you can’t communicate with people, you’re only allowed to see your family members’. When an army chief of staff says this, this is something that I think is unacceptable”, a voice thought to be Hamzah’s says in an Arabic language recording posted on Twitter late Sunday.

A source said to be close to the prince confirmed the recording’s authenticity to the Associated Press.

Royal Coup Plot

Hamzah is at the centre of an alleged plot to destabilise the government of his half-brother – King Abdullah II, who sidelined his royal relative and stripped him of the title of crown prince in 2004, five years after appointing him to that position in 1999 on the advice of their late father, King Hussein of Jordan. Abdullah II named his son Hussein bin Abdullah as crown prince in Hamzah’s place.

The 41-year-old prince, who has no formal…

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