Glenn Greenwald of Snowden Leaks Fame Shares ‘Enduring Terror’ of Being Held at Gunpoint by Robbers

After a story by San Francisco reporter Dion Lim revealed a violent crime that a family in Oakland endured during an invasion by armed criminals, with a GoFundMe page created to tell the story, journalist Glenn Greenwald, famous for his role in publishing the Edward Snowden leaks, was prompted to convey why he felt such empathy with the victims.

American journalist Glenn Greenwald, famous for his central role in reporting on the classified documents leaked by American whistleblower and former National Security Agency subcontractor Edward Snowden, has revealed he was bound and held at gunpoint during a robbery at the farm in Brazil where he currently lives.

Greenwald, who in 2014 founded The Intercept – a news website to “challenge official narratives” – opened up about the traumatic incident in a detailed essay over the weekend.

The Pulitzer prize winner felt compelled to share his account of the attack he experienced for the “insights it provided” and to explain why violence of the kind recently suffered by an Oakland family is so “brutalising”.

Armed criminals had invaded the family home of a couple and their seven-year-old daughter, tying them up and brutally beating the father.

They also threatened to murder all of them, after eventually stealing all of their possessions. The crime in Oakland was reported by San Francisco television reporter Dion Lim.

​As he urged people to go to an online GoFundMe page created to tell the story of the family and extend help to…

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