The War Against Easter – And How to Rise Above It

Having locked us down last Easter on the pretext of protecting us from a virus, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tried his best to ruin Easter 2021 too.

On Good Friday Britain’s grimmest ruler since Oliver Cromwell told the public not to meet friends and family indoors, even if they were vaccinated. Taking their cue from the government, police broke up a Good Friday church service in London for “breaching Covid rules”. Yes, that’s right, the British police – funded by the taxpayer – are breaking up church services.

Not only are we still in “lockdown” for the second Easter running, we’re told that on Easter Monday, Johnson will make a “major announcement” on vaccine passports.

Couldn’t it wait until after the religious festival? The only conclusion one can draw is that it’s part of the psyops against the British public, which is stepped up during times which should be sacred.

The War on Easter can be seen as part of the wider War on Christianity which has been going on for quite a few years now. Globally Christians have in recent years been the victims of terrible persecution, with one of the worst examples being the horrific Easter Day terrorist bombings in Sri Lanka in 2019,  which targeted three packed churches and five hotels and which killed nearly 300 people.

But even when they’re not actually being killed, or threatened with violence, followers of Jesus find their faith mocked and ridiculed, with absolutely no comeback for those doing the mocking and…

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