Warsaw Claims That Nord Stream AG’s Reports About Polish Military Harassing Pipeline are False


The company said that the provocative actions of several vessels, not all of which were identified as Polish, threatened the pipeline with major damages if not for the actions of the supporting ships at the construction site.

A spokesman for Poland’s Minister-Special Services Coordinator, Stanislaw Zaryn has dismissed the statements of Nord Stream AG about the provocative actions of the country’s military in the vicinity of the pipeline’s construction as untrue. The official insisted that the Polish military engaged in none of the actions the company has accused them of and labeled the Nord Stream AG’s report as “Russian propaganda at its finest”.

Zaryn further claimed that Nord Stream 2 poses “serious national security [and] energy security threats” not just to Poland, but also to Ukraine and the countries of the Baltic region, while not elaborating on his claims.

At the same time, the Polish official failed to explain the photos and a video of a Polish warship, identified by its tactical number 823, made by the Nord Stream AG workers near the pipeline construction site and published by the company alongside its report about multiple harassments on the part of the country’s military forces.

Nord Stream 2 Construction Harassed By Military, Fishing Vessels

Apart from the Polish warship of unspecified class sailing into the 1.5 miles-large restricted zone around the pipe-laying vessel Fortuna on 29 March, Polish anti-submarine aircraft…

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