Nord Stream AG Says Warships, Submarines and Helicopters Tried to Disrupt Pipeline’s Construction


The joint project between Russia’s Gazprom and certain European energy giants has been fending off sanction attacks from Washington, which is trying to stop construction, while promoting its own LNG sales to Europe. However, it seems that in March threats to the pipeline multiplied and became more “real”.

The construction site of Nord Stream 2 has been suffering harassment by various vessels and aircraft in recent months, which nearly led to damage to the pipeline itself, according to Nord Stream AG representative Andrey Minin. He stressed that the disturbances were “clearly planned and thoroughly prepared provocations,” devised to stop the joint Russian-European project in its tracks.

Minin explained that the present construction site of the pipeline is always surrounded by a 1.5-mile restricted zone, which is out of bounds for any vessels not taking part in the project. Recently, however, several vessels breached these restrictive boundaries a number of times, the official said.

PZL-Mielec is not the only part of the Polish military which ventured into the restricted area lately, Minin revealed. A Polish Navy warship of unspecified class under tactical number 823 carried out manoeuvres in the direct proximity of the Fortuna pipe-laying vessel on 29 March Minin said. According to him, one of the project’s supply vessels was forced to mirror the Polish warship’s movements moving parallel to it.

Nord Stream AG released photos and videos of the…

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