Australia Engaging in ‘Strategic Planning’ With US in Case of Chinese Offensive Against Taiwan

Beijing considers Taiwan an inalienable part of its territory, but does not exercise control over the island per se. China has recently increased its military presence in the vicinity of the island following intensifying talks between Taipei and Washington, including on the issue of weapons sales to the island.

The US and Australia are engaging in “strategic planning” on a number of issues ranging from cooperation between the two states’ militaries to jointly responding to a possible offensive by China against Taiwan, the American Embassy’s chargé d’affaires, Michael Goldman, has announced speaking on the Australian National University podcast.

Goldman stressed that discussions on how to jointly respond to an alleged military operation by Beijing is their top priority.

At the same time, neither the US, nor Australia have so far committed to intervening militarily if such a conflict erupts between China and the island, which Beijing considers a part of its territory.

China’s Tensions With Australia and the US

The revelation by the US chargé d’affaires comes amid continuing tensions between China and the US on a number of issues. Washington has been carrying out talks directly with Taiwan, promising sophisticated weapon sales, among other things, in direct violation of its own pledge to “acknowledge” the “one-China policy”. The US committed to respecting Beijing’s position on the island’s status in the 1970s, but has been increasingly ignoring this vow in recent years…

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