As UK Admits To Dirty Bomb Threat, Terrorist Expert Says ‘You Can Never Say Never’ 


The UK government recently published Global Britain In a Competitive Age: the Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy. One of the most alarming nuggets in the review is a warning that Britain could be targeted by a “dirty bomb” in the next decade.

Earlier this month Boris Johnson’s government published a complete review of its defence and foreign policy.

The headlines were taken by the decision to reduce the British Army to 70,000 soldiers – the smallest it has ever been – to increase nuclear warheads and to task a Royal Navy ship with the protection of undersea cables.

​But buried in the report was this sentence: “It is likely that a terrorist group will launch a successful CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) attack by 2030.”

Mr Lowe said MI5 and the Metropolitan Police’s counter-terrorism officers keep a very close eye on potential terrorists and he said it would need an epic failure, of the kind which failed to spot the efforts being made by al-Qaeda in the run-up to the 9/11 attack, for the security forces to miss a dirty bomb plot in Britain.

He said: “The big difference is that there were warnings before 9/11 which were ignored. We don’t ignore warnings now.”

​The review said: “The main sources of terrorist threat are from Islamist and Northern Ireland-related terrorism and far-right, far-left, anarchist and single-issue terrorism.”

Al-Qaeda and ISIS do not pose the…

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