Dems Kick Off Gun Control Crusade as NRA is Mired in Bankruptcy Case, Financial Fraud Allegations

The US National Rifle Association (NRA) is at the forefront of the fight over Second Amendment rights as the Biden administration and Democratic Party are seeking to tighten up gun controls following deadly shootings in Georgia and Colorado. However, the 150-year-old group is in a heap of trouble itself.

The NRA has signalled that it’s ready to aggressively lobby against federal and state gun measures despite being involved in lawsuits, bankruptcy, and investigations into its business conduct, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The influential lobby group’s troubles began after New York Attorney General Letitia James kicked off an all-out offensive against it in August 2020 seeking to dissolve the association. According to AG James, the group’s senior leadership illegally used millions of the NRA’s charitable finances for personal use. In January 2021, the NRA filed a bankruptcy petition to restructure and move its charter from New York to Texas. The pro-gun group wanted the judge to dismiss the case or move it to an Albany court in the wake of bankruptcy, but to no avail: on 21 January, Justice Joel Cohen of the Manhattan Supreme Court denied all motions filed by the NRA.

Was the NRA’s Noble Purposes Hijacked by its Executives?

Although AG James’ attitude towards one of the US’ oldest pro-gun groups raises questions given her earlier remarks that the NRA is a “terrorist organisation,” the problem is that the entity’s leadership may indeed be complicit in charity fraud,…

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