US Troop Pullout From Afghanistan Could Lead to Taliban Taking Over Country, Report Claims


During his Thursday press conference, US President Joe Biden said that it is unlikely that American troops will be withdrawn from Afghanistan by the 1 May deadline, offering what he described as “tactical reasons” as the primary cause of the expected delay.

US intelligence officials warned President Joe Biden that Afghanistan could be taken over by the Taliban* in the event that American troops leave before a power-sharing agreement between the militant group and the Kabul government is reached, The New York Times reported Friday, citing a US intelligence assessment.

According to an assessment that was reportedly first prepared during the Trump administration but not previously disclosed, the withdrawal of US soldiers from Afghanistan could plunge the country under Taliban control within two or three years after international forces leave.

On Friday, a spokesperson for the Taliban said that the group remains committed to the Trump-era peace agreement and “wants the American side to also remain firmly committed.” If US troops are not withdrawn by the 1 May deadline, the Taliban will “continue its jihad and armed struggle against foreign forces”, the spokesperson warned.

The statement followed Biden’s Thursday presidential presser during which he asserted that the 1 May deadline is unlikely to be met due to “tactical reasons”. He did not elaborate. He also noted that he will be meeting with allies to decide on a…

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