Netizens Remind US of Its Role in Opposing Bangladesh’s Independence as Dhaka Marks Golden Jubilee


The US was bitterly opposed to Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan in 1971, as it helped Islamabad with military provisions and even dispatched an aircraft carrier to the Bay of Bengal to intimidate India, who was staging a military intervention to help the pro-independence movement in bangladesh at the time.

Greetings by the US State Department on Bangladesh’s National Day on Friday are attracting strong reactions from social media users, many of whom have reminded Washington of its role in opposing the creation of Bangladesh. 

The United States backed Pakistan against India in the 1971 War of Liberation.

US didn’t even acknowledge genocide of bengalis bcoz Pakistan was your cold war ally.

​The critical reactions from netizens pointed to several aspects about the 1971 War of Liberation, including then-President Richard Nixon sending arms to help Pakistani forces fight Indian troops and pro-independence militias in bangladesh (then known as East Pakistan).

The US also sent the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise to the Bay of Bengal close to India’s eastern seaboard in its bid to back Pakistan and intimidate New Delhi. At that time, New Delhi was staging a military intervention in Bangladesh after a massive influx of refugees due to Islamabad’s crackdown on the pro-independence movement.

In response to the US sending its aircraft carrier as part of Task Force 74, Moscow dispatched naval assets, including a nuclear submarine, to ward off…

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